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The metal centerless grinding process is similar to centred grinding except no spindle is used. Instead, the cylindrical metal workpiece is supported by two opposed grinding wheels and feed at a controlled speed.

Centerless grinding is a very economical form of metal processing as you can achieve a high through put.

There are several different types of metal centerless grinding:

  • Through feed centerless grinding
  • Infeed centerless grinding
  • End feed centerless grinding (this method creates a tapered effect)
  • Internal centerless grinding

Centerless grinding enables you to grind parts with geometries, you can remove odd numbered lobbing on the shaft of a part and you can maintain a size beyond the capabilities of an OD grinder.

Metal centerless grinding is a process suitable for stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, nickel alloys and bronze.

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  • Width and thickness tolerance
  • Whether it’s for a one off delivery or call of demand

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